How can you Allergy Proof Your Calgary House?

If you suffer from allergies, it may be necessary to allergy proof your home.

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How can you Allergy Proof Your Calgary House?

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If you suffer from allergies, it may be necessary to allergy proof your home. With the sun shining and allergies at a heightened level, there's no better time than now. Here's how you can make your home dust-mite proof and eliminate common allergens.

Kitchen and Living Areas

The best thing you can do in the kitchen and the living areas is wash everything. Washing the couch cushions, curtains, carpet and any other covers will help eliminate many of the allergens. You can also add an air purifier to help cycle the air and eliminate airborne-allergens.

The Bedroom

A dust-mite proof cover is the first addition to the bedroom. This type of cover is made for both the mattress and the pillows. It will be hidden by the sheets, so you don't have to worry about the look.

You should also wash everything in hot temperatures every week and reduce any clutter under your bed. This will help to keep the dust bunnies to a minimum and your allergies to a minimum.


You may not think you have to do much in the bathroom, but allergies go further than just dust mites and pollen. Mold can cause a huge allergy problem and it comes from the bathroom most often. Make sure you get plenty of ventilation to help prevent mold and use natural cleaners to help eliminate allergens. Even though Calgary is pretty dry, you still need to make sure to use the ventilation fan after or during showers to eliminate condensation, which can cause mold.

There are many things you can do to allergy proof your home. The main thing you can do is a deep cleaning in the spring and keep your home clean all year long. With a clean home and a few of the other tips found here, you can eliminate most of the potential allergens in your Calgary home.

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