How to Choose Home Security Cameras

How to Choose the Right Home Security CamerasWhen you purchase a new property, you need to focus on home security, whether you're buying as an investor or a homeowner. Most types of home security systems integrate seamlessly with interior and exterior cameras, providing around-the-clock peace of mind no matter where you are. Keep reading as we dive into the steps and best practices you should take when selecting security cameras for your property.

Perform A Security Audit

When investing in home security, you need to have a basic understanding of your security needs and your vulnerabilities.

To perform a security audit, you need to take the following steps:

Locate Valuable Assets

Your property could house many valuable assets, ranging from servers with client data to expensive equipment or your tenants' possessions. Knowing which parts of your building contain valuable assets will help you to prioritize security for specific areas.

Analyze the Building's Function

Consider what you will use your property for. If you're a business or property investor for commercial property, you need to consider what daily operations will look like and which vulnerabilities arise due to these operations.

Identify Points of Entry & Vulnerabilities

Identifying the vulnerable entry points will help you to establish which areas you need to protect most. Once you have identified the property's critical vulnerabilities, you will have a clearer idea of the areas you need to enforce security, such as access control and security cameras.

Consider Different Types Of Cameras

Below you'll find a list of the different types of cameras you'll need to choose from when developing your security strategy.

Bullet Vs. Dome Cameras

Wondering about the pros and cons of bullet vs dome cameras? Dome cameras can benefit your security strategy as they are inconspicuous and less likely to be vandalized. However, their inconspicuous design makes them less effective at deterring crime as they are less imposing.

Bullet cameras, on the other hand, are more conspicuous. They are more imposing and likely to deter crime by letting potential intruders know they are being watched. However, due to being more visible, bullet cameras can be vandalized or intentionally damaged more often.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are more advanced than traditional surveillance cameras. The PTZ camera can be the right choice for those with significant security needs. A PTZ camera is a "pan, tilt, zoom" camera. The camera allows security staff and system administrators to pan, tilt, and zoom the surveillance footage, moving the camera to create a clearer view.

Weather Resistant Cameras

Installing weather-resistant outdoor cameras is an important part of winterizing your home. If you don't opt for a weather-resistant camera for these spaces, you might need to replace your cameras long before their life cycle.

Wireless and Cloud-Based Cameras

Installing your camera system can be a lengthy process. You'll need to allocate space for servers and maintain complex wiring systems. You don't need to worry about wiring systems with cloud-based and wireless security cameras. The cameras will communicate with your control center using WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular communication. You can access your security information and receive alerts from anywhere using your mobile device.

Don't Forget Shared Spaces And Outdoor Spaces

When planning your security strategy for your property, you need to protect your internal spaces, planning out your security camera placement with professional help to cover vulnerable areas and ensure no blind spots.

However, you also need to consider your outdoor spaces. Gardens, entryways, and parking spaces should all be fitted with security camera systems. You need visibility of these areas to ensure that you have a record of any damage or theft on these parts of your property. If you have tenants, you are responsible for ensuring their safety in your parking facility and protecting their vehicles from theft.

Choose the Right Cameras For Your Security Needs

Choosing the right cameras is the cornerstone of building security systems. You need security cameras to provide evidence of an incident on your property, which may be instrumental in an insurance claim or police investigation. Performing a security audit will allow you to identify critical vulnerabilities in your system and allocate resources to defend your most exposed areas. Consider the tips in this article when finding technologies for your building security, and you're bound to enjoy more peace of mind.

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