How to Find A Calgary Agent

Open Houses

When you first enter an open house a real estate agent should be at the door to greet you. If not, he may be in another part of the house tending to another viewer. It is okay to start looking at the house on your own to get a feel for it if you don’t have time to wait for the agent or are itching to see more of the house.

When you do meet the agent one of the first questions he may ask is if you have another agent representing you. This is asked because he cannot work for you if you are already using another agent. One agent cannot try to take a client away from another agent and that is why he is asking.

If You Need an Agent

If you don't have an agent yet this is a good way to meet one. Visit some open houses and take a look at the agent as he works. Does he look like someone you would like to have working on your behalf? Is he a go-getter or is he more passive? You can link up with a great agent by visiting an open house. Simply accept one of his cards and let him know that you'll be calling later.

Finding the Right Agent

A lot of people have a hard time finding the right agent because they simply go to the Yellow Pages and choose one from there. The better way is to actually meet an agent face-to-face either at an open house or by scheduling an appointment over the phone. Never commit to using an agent when you haven't met him first. You’ll want to be compatible and be sure that this person will listen to you.

On the Internet

Look for an agent that has an easy-to-navigate website with a lot of valuable information on it. The majority of potential buyers are looking online for their new homes, so you’ll want an Internet-savvy agent working by your side. You can connect with a great agent by communicating with him through the contact info available on his site.

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