How to Hire a Babysitter for New Year's Eve

If you haven't yet hired a sitter for the big night you had better start acting quickly. This is the one night of the year when sitters are most in demand and if you leave your planning right to the last minute you may just find yourself out of luck. Not only are babysitters in high demand on this evening but many that regularly babysit have already made their own plans to go out.

Talk to your regular sitter

If you haven't already, find out if your regular sitter is booked up. If she is, ask her for referrals. If she doesn't know anyone that's available at least she’ll be able to spread the word that you're looking for someone and you may receive a call out of the blue by a great sitter. Of course, you'll want to check out this new sitter first before making any final arrangements.

Prepare to pay more

This is the night when you’ll need to be ready to dig deep into your pockets to pay for the sitter at the end of the night. The rates are going to be higher than at any other time of the year and the deeper you're prepared to dig to pay the sitter, the more likely you are to find one for the night. This is the one day when sitters can negotiate their wages and choose the highest bidder for their services.

When all else fails

There are temporary nanny agencies around Calgary that you can call to find out whether there are any sitters still available. All of the nannies have been previously screened and checked out before being offered employment. Hiring this type of sitter, however, will cost you even more since you have to pay the agency their fee as well as the sitter's charges. The rate to hire a sitter through an agency can be extremely high when compared to the rate you'd have to pay a regular sitter.

If you haven't found anyone to look after your children but want to go out this New Year's Eve you need to get cracking now. The one thing that you’ll want to avoid though is hiring a sitter through a classified ad site on the Internet. There is just too much risk involved and you can usually track down a good sitter by simply putting the word out with people you already know and trust.

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