When It's Time to Install a Deck on Your Home

Is a Deck Worth the Cost of Installation?A deck can be the perfect addition to a home for a variety of reasons. Backyard parties, improved resale value, a rewarding summer project: a deck can be just what everyone needs to really enjoy the outdoors again. But a deck also comes with its fair share of potential complications and could even land a homeowner in legal hot water. See why it's time to move forward and when homeowners may want to hold back.

Local Restrictions

When homeowners have their own property, they may think they have the right to make changes to it however they like. But because one home may affect the land of another, there are ordinances that may restrict or even prevent home renovations. Those in HOAs likely don't need to be reminded of this, but people who live in standard single-family homes may be surprised to learn that they're required to hire professional contractors, pay for permits, or have an inspector sign off on the work.

The Final Sale

When it comes to reselling the home, owners may want to look into the average ROI of a deck in their area. Canadian buyers tend to really value the practical features of a home. So while this isn't to say that they won't care about a deck, it just may not be as important to them as, say, an upstairs laundry room. Talking to a real estate agent can be the key to finding out how home buyers respond to certain upgrades, which can make it easier to decide if it's time to install a deck.

The State of the Land

Some properties won't support a deck, regardless of whether it's a free-standing or attached structure. Here are just a few obstructions that might stand in the way:

  • Stucco: Homes made from stucco simply aren't stable enough for the weight of the deck.
  • Space: Freestanding decks take up a lot of space, so much so that it may not be worth taking up the whole backyard.
  • Clay: Clay soil may not be able to support substantial decks. Homeowners may need sand or gravel soil to install.

Financial Matters

A backyard deck, no matter the design or layout of the deck, can end up costing more than homeowners think, even if they plan on doing most of the work themselves. Quality materials, such as composite wood, can be a major upfront expense. The trade-off for the costs is a 20-year warranty, which can be worth it for people who want to spend some serious time watching the sunsets on their deck. Those who are living in a rapidly up-and-coming neighbourhood may also want to splurge for a fireplace or outdoor bar, which can instantly appeal to luxury home buyers down the line. However, for owners in more modest areas, this isn't necessarily recommended.

Homeowners considering a deck who know for sure they can't live without one should already have their answer that it's time to install. However, Albert Park/Radisson Heights homeowners who are still debating may want to consider other remodelling projects before settling on a deck. For example, a small bathroom or kitchen remodel may cost the same amount while improving the ROI of each dollar spent. It all just depends on the homeowner's priorities and overall goals.

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