How to Shop for a Home With the Best Windows

The Best Windows For Your HomeAre you searching for a new home? If so you'll want to take a good look at the windows in the home to make sure that they are energy-efficient. Old windows that haven't been replaced for many years can end up costing a lot in utility bills. Not only that, you'll have to constantly be fighting with the drafts that are coming into your home making you feel uncomfortable.

The ABCs Of Windows

Windows that haven't been installed properly can let out approximately 25% of the air that you have been cooling or heating inside. The energy that it took to cool or warm up the air is wasted and you end up paying out of pocket for it. The ideal windows should have caulking around them, have the proper weather stripping installed and be double-paned. When you run your hand against the edge of the window you shouldn't feel any type of draft coming in at all.

The Location Of The Windows

You can get a lot of passive heating for your home just by having your windows installed in the right direction. For instance, windows that are facing south will allow the sunshine in and the warmth will be absorbed by any type of thermal mass like brick, stone or concrete inside your home. Skylights can also produce this effect, so that the furnace doesn't have to run as often. Well placed windows around the home will not only give you the benefit of added light in the house but will also help to keep your energy bills low.

Windows For Two Story Homes

Any home that has two-stories should have a lot of windows on the second floor to help with the lighting and to maintain proper ventilation. Windows above the first floor allow plenty of light to shine in while moving some of the stale air out.

How Often Should Different Windows Be Replaced?

Since residential window quality differs so much, there is no hard and fast rule about how long they should last. In general, however, you should not even consider replacing them until a decade has gone by. Overall, what matters most is how your windows perform their job of providing your view outdoors and keeping the elements out.

Therefore, you should check the condition of your windows and seals on a regular basis to determine their best replacement date. When your windows start to show their age or simply allow drafts to flow through the home, it might be time to consider their replacement. For drafts, make sure to check the seals and caulk around the windows first to avoid spending money unnecessarily. With this approach, you can maximize the life of your windows and best determine when to replace them.

When you're out shopping for a home here in Calgary find out how old the windows are and whether they have been Energy Star rated. If you're looking at a house that has old windows that really aren't energy efficient, sometimes the price of the home can be negotiated down to accommodate the extra cost of replacing them with new ones.

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