Is It Safe to Apply for a Mortgage on the Internet?

Yes, you can apply for a Calgary mortgage on many different websites and most of them are safe.

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Is It Safe to Apply for a Mortgage on the Internet?

The websites that you have to watch for, however, are certain sites that aren't linked to one specific company. This type of site will farm out your personal details to mortgage companies for a fee. Here is how to separate the websites you can trust from the ones that you should be running away from.

The site belongs to a mortgage company

There are several mortgage companies here in the Calgary area that will allow you to apply for a mortgage online. The site will have its name on the front and will look just like a mortgage site that offers valuable information for people that are looking to purchase their first home or to renew an existing mortgage. At the bottom of the page you'll see copyright or ownership attributed to this specific company.

It will have an “about us” page

There will be some type of page showing you the people that work at the company and introducing them to you. This shows you that there are real-live people associated to this site and lets you know a bit more about the company and its philosophy.

There will be a third party declaration

When you're filling out your information for a mortgage application look for a disclaimer saying that all of your personal details will be kept private and will never be sent out to any other third party source. This is the protection you need to go ahead and fill out the form.

It won't be a one page site

Any site that only consists of one page without naming a specific mortgage company should never be given any of your details. Even if the site is promising you the absolutely best mortgage rate under the sun and all you have to do is fill out your name, phone number, address and email, don't do it! These are the sites that are simply taking your information and then selling your data to mortgage companies that are willing to buy them.

Just by filling out one of these pages you'll be inundated with phone calls and special offers arriving in your mailbox and email inbox promising you the best mortgage deal. Once the spam starts it's hard to turn it off!

There are so many legitimate and reputable mortgage companies in the Calgary area that you should never fall for the advertisements that you may see on these one page sites that may tempt you to give out some of your personal details. Either fill out an application form on a mortgage site you trust or pick up the phone and call the broker or lender on your own. You'll end up getting the best mortgage without having to compromise your personal data.

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