Is There a Case for Living in a Condo in Calgary?

Moving can be hectic, and making the decision to live in a condominium instead of a single-family home or an apartment is a big decision. Condos don't fit with every situation, but they do provide something other residences don't always give you. There's certainly a case for condo living, and here are some of the benefits.

Very Little Maintenance

One of the major reasons people decide to live in a condominium instead of a home is the lower maintenance. With a house, you may have to take care of the yard work, shovel snow in the winter and deal with many other types of maintenance. However, with condos, you don't have to deal with any of it.


Another reason a condo may seem attractive is the added amenities you get compared to a single-family home. Condos often offer fitness centers, conference rooms, swimming pools, tennis courts and many other amenities. This can help save money on gym memberships and provide plenty of recreation.


Many of the Calgary condos are found closer to downtown. Of course, if you prefer living in the suburbs, condos won't be as easy to find. However, if you want to be in the center of the city's nightlife, a condo may be the right choice.


Condos tend to sell for a lower average price than single-family homes. This can be very attractive for first-time buyers, younger couples, retirees, and anybody else looking for an inexpensive alternative.


Condominium buildings provide a high level of security. Many of these buildings feature cameras in the common areas, and security guards and guests must be buzzed in.

If you're considering condos in Calgary, comparing the benefits to those of a single-family home may help with the decision.

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