Is Your Home Buying Decision Based on Logic, Emotion or a Bit of Both?

A lot of homebuyers feel that they are making a completely logical decision when deciding to purchase a new home but sometimes they don't even realize that emotion may be swaying their decision to a certain degree. Quite often there are smells, sounds and colours that are influencing the buying decision that the homeowner isn't even aware of.

In some cases a home that you're looking at may be reminding you of a home you have previously been in before. For example, the layout may be similar to the one that your childhood sweetheart used to live in and bring on a flood of fond emotions. In this type of scenario you'll be drawn towards the home for other than purely logical reasons.

It's long been known that emotions can sway a decision to purchase for all types of items. A lot of advertising is geared towards impulse buying and sometimes this can also affect you when you're looking at homes. There is a lot of marketing behind selling a property and when it's set up in a particular way it can either turn you away from the house or make you want to buy it on the spot.

Simply understanding that this type of consumer behaviour can be a factor in any purchase will help you look at the homes you’re viewing in a new light and give you more objectivity. You certainly don't want to purchase a 2-storey 3-bedroom house because it instills positive emotions in you when what you really want and need is a bungalow with 4 bedrooms! While this is a far-fetched example, you get the idea. It's much better to base your final decision to buy on logical points and features of the house rather than on emotion alone.

Other factors like fear of the unknown, expectations, the need for status and what your friends and family will think of the house can also come into play. There are a lot of things that can influence your viewpoint on the home and some of them just aren't logical at all. The more you can separate logic from feelings the better off you're going to be when it comes to walking away with a home that not only makes you feel good but also has all the necessary features that your family needs to operate at an optimal level.

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