It's Time for Your Annual Deck Maintenance!

With the return of the warm weather, it’s time to give your deck some tender loving care. Not only will it look better and last longer but it will also add value to your home on the resale. It's estimated that a deck that has been maintained properly can return as much as 77% of the original cost to build it. That is, however, only if you keep it looking great!

Make Any Necessary Repairs

Look for rot in the boards and if you find any shallow areas they can be treated with a wood preservative. For larger problem areas you may have to call in a professional for an assessment. Make sure that all of the screws are in tight and that there are none missing.

It's Time For the Deep Clean

Sweep your deck and look for any debris that may be trapped between the wooden boards. Clean it all out then wash your deck with a deck cleaner. Make sure that you use the proper type of cleaner. If you have a composite deck you won't want to use a cleaner designed for a wooden one.

Seal Your Deck

Ideally this should be done within two days of the deep cleaning. You'll be able to tell whether your deck needs to get resealed by splashing some water onto it. You should notice the water beading up. If you see that the water is soaking right into the wood, you'll have to purchase some resealing materials and get to work.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to keep your deck looking as good as the day that you first installed it. As long as you provide it with annual maintenance and repairs as necessary, your deck will serve you well and will be a valuable asset once you decide to sell your home.

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