How to Clean & Maintain Homes With Pets

How to Clean and Maintain Homes With PetsNo matter how cute they are and how much we love them, pets can be dirty!

Cleaning with a pet can be something of an art. Whether a pet owner is selling their home, preparing for an open house, or hosting an event, a clean home increases hospitality and lowers stress. Here are some of the best ways to clean your home when you live with a pet, welcome a new furry family member, or make your home more pet-friendly. From last-minute cleans to preventative measures, we have you covered.

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Protect Floors from Messes

Use indoor/outdoor rugs or carpet tiles. Indoor-outdoor rugs are available in various colours, styles, textures, and patterns, and they wipe clean. Leave one at the entrances and anywhere your pet loves to lounge. Carpet tiles are also a good alternative because if there's a stain, you can pop out the affected tile and bring it outside for an easy clean. Or, you can replace the tile rather than the whole carpet.

It's also a good idea to wipe your petʼs paws as they come inside, so they don't track dirt, mud, and snow around the house. Opt for water-resistant flooring in high-traffic areas.

To protect from mealtime messes, get your pet a placemat. A placemat under your petʼs food and water bowls keeps the floor under and around them cleaner and protected from stains and makes for a quick clean.

Prevent Claws From Tearing Up Furniture

Purchase cheap blankets and decorative pillows. Pets and humans alike love to snuggle in a warm blanket. Covering your furniture with cheap throws, blankets, and sheets will protect your furniture, prolong its life, and reduce pet odours as you can throw the coverings in the wash. Look for machine-washable fabrics and textiles for easy cleans.

Invest in durable fabrics and furniture. Pick sturdy furniture to avoid clawed-up carpet, chewed furniture, and scratches.

Cleaning Up Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Use latex gloves in place of a lint roller to collect fur off furniture. Pet hair sticks to the gloves, and you can rinse them off with water rather than using multiple lint layers.

Shaving cream (foam, not gel) works wonders to get pet stains out of fabric. Spray the stain, leave it for a minute, and then wipe it with warm water. You can also make your own cleaner with white vinegar and water. Just make sure the ingredients of your favourite home remedy are pet-safe and appropriate to the surface.

Love your pet rather than stressing over messes — all they want is your love and attention. Pet owners can all agree that it can sometimes be challenging to keep their homes clean with a pet. However, following these easy tips can ensure that everyone living in or buying a home with a pet lives a happier (and cleaner) life.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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