3 Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in Calgary: Living in Alberta Luxury

Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in CalgaryLarge homes, access to schools, and beautiful scenic areas are all factors that define the top luxury neighbourhoods in Calgary. Homes in these areas offer recreational access and high-end amenities.

Mount Royal

One of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the city, homes in the Upper Mount Royal neighbourhood sell for an average reaching above seven figures. Located on the South West side of Calgary, the Mount Royal community is close to both the Canada Rocky Mountain range and downtown Calgary. Though not far from downtown, the Mount Royal housing area is a quiet residential neighbourhood and near the Montessori School of Calgary. Nearby parks include South Mount Royal Park, Champlain Park and Earl Grey Park. Lower Mount Royal is actually north of Upper Mount Royal.


Voted as the top neighbourhood in Calgary for its curb appeal, the Roxboro community is filled with large, luxury homes and beautiful walking paths. Roxboro residents enjoy close proximity to fine dining and quirky coffee shops. The suburban feel of Roxboro provides its residents with peace and calm. Neighbours in this area have homeowner's pride and excellent standards of upkeep.


Luxury homes can both be found in the Elboya neighbourhood. Home values have increased by 14% in the last year alone, and houses purchased here are considered prime investment properties. Elboya homes are located near schools and shopping, along with the Elbow River, Riverdale Park, and Stanley Park.

Choices of Luxury Living

Spacious and unique homes can be found throughout Calgary in both urban and rural areas of town. Whether you need easy access to public transport, local shopping, or schools, choosing the right residential area depends on your unique needs.

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