Not a Gardener? Turn to Potted Plants Instead

Not everyone has been provided with a natural green thumb. Many people struggle to keep the garden blooming and end up giving up as a result. This doesn't mean, however, that you can't have beautiful flowers around your home. You just need to lower your expectations and turn to potted plants instead.

You can liven up the curb appeal of your home by placing potted plants on your front porch. Hang them, place them on the stairs or arrange them on stools or tables on your porch. If you have a condo, you can liven up the balcony by doing the same thing.

Here are some tips to help you set up the plants and choose the ones that will look the best:

1. Look for lightweight containers that can be moved easily. This way, you can try putting them in different locations and move them around to create different looks.

2. Find the flowers that are the easiest to care for. Some flowers are fussy and harder to grow than others. Ask a specialist at the garden center for recommendations and let him know that you have a hard time maintaining plants.

3. Look at the sunshine and see how much light your plants will be exposed to in certain positions. If you're planning on putting your potted plants on the front porch, it's good to know how much sunlight they will receive during the day. The specialist at the garden center can help you pick out plants and flowers based on the sunlight potential.

4. Don't get too fancy. Keep things simple when you're first starting out so that you can see results. Once you gain more confidence in your gardening efforts, you be able to expand to different plants that are more difficult to grow.

5. Keep it light and fun. Look at it as a gardening adventure and don't get too frustrated if things don't work out exactly as planned. Keep trying with different flowers and plants and don't be afraid to ask questions. You may be under-watering, overwatering or have your plant placed in the wrong spot.

Many horticulturists love to share their knowledge and would be willing to help you out. You can even become a member of a gardening forum where you can ask questions every day. You're sure to receive some helpful knowledge from avid gardeners that want to share their love of plants and flowers with others.

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