Popular Home Roofing Materials

5 Popular Roofing Material Choices for ResidencesWhen it comes time to replace roofing materials, homeowners have many options to consider. They must think about how the materials look and function to make the best choice for their homes. The right roofing materials can beautifully complement the exterior home design while offering lasting protection from the elements. Some roof materials can be handled in a DIY project, while others need a professional. Here are just five of the most popular roofing materials homeowners can choose from in upgrading their homes.


Although simple in design, asphalt shingles are very affordable, attractive and durable. These shingles come in organic compounds or as a fiberglass mesh. Both types are easily installed by a skilled roofing contractor in as little as an afternoon, depending on the size of the home and slope of the roof. They have minimal maintenance requirements, making them easy for homeowners to keep in good shape. Their attractive design looks great from afar and up close, even as the shingles age. They come in a huge range of colors that easily complement or contrast popular exterior paint hues.

Wood Shingles

Only eclipsed by the popularity of modern asphalt varieties, wood shingles are still quite a popular option for many home styles. As the shingles are machine cut, they have a uniform look that differentiates them from shakes. The thin layers of wood create a neat, attractive appearance that looks great from any distance. The wood stands up well to weathering, though it will develop a patina over time. With this type of roof, homeowners should commit to a strict moss and mildew removal schedule to protect their roof from damage.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles give roofs a distinct look that is all their own. The domed tiles create a 3D effect on the roof, giving it a bit more eye-catching depth. Flat tiles are also available for a more uniform look. As they are made from durable clay, the tiles do not deteriorate in the sun, rain and other weather conditions. They provide complete protection from the rain, keeping leaks at bay. Besides a thorough cleaning from time to time, clay tile roofs do not need much maintenance to stay in optimal condition.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems offer homeowners the ultimate in longevity. The coated metal materials stand up to the test of time, as the sun, wind, rain and snow has little effect on their condition. As rainfall hits the roof, the sound resonates through the dwelling, creating a gentle ambiance. Year after year, the interlocking panels keep water from leaking under the top layer of roofing materials and into the home. Metal roofing systems have a crisp, clean appearance that stands nice with minimal pressure washing.

Solar Tiles

Homeowners who want to take a big step into the future can elect to have solar tiles installed instead of the traditional roofing materials. These purpose-built tiles fulfill the function of normal shingles while generating electricity for the household. Their installation goes beyond the norm, so it is important for homeowners to hire a specialist to handle the task. Once these panels are installed, they will stay in good condition with regular cleaning and inspections.

As Cougar Ridge homeowners weigh their options, they will narrow down their choices and find the best roofing materials for their residences. If they have any trouble with this process, they can rely on the expertise of their roofing contractor for help. These professionals are skilled in helping homeowners find the roofing materials with the characteristics to match their expectations.

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