Why You Should Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Add Professional Photographs to the Must-Have List for Selling a HomeProfessional real estate photography isn't a luxury. Photographs are a powerful sales tool for McKenize Towne home sellers, and should be considered as important as setting the right price, choosing an agent and staging. Selling a home is not a game of chance, or of waiting for the right buyer to appear. Maximize your chances of selling quickly and for the right price by using the available varied sales tools.

Whether you or your real estate agent use photographs solely for online listings or to incorporate photos into print advertising, brochures and open house handouts, quality is important.

Test this principle by previewing existing online listings in your price range. The difference between professional photographs and video and shots from a cell phone is immediately apparent. Good photographs display property features in a distinctive way, are used to target the attention of prospective buyers, generate interest, create desire, prompt higher offers and instill a sense of urgency.

Marketing Property the Right Way

Statistics confirm up to 90 percent of buyers today first view properties online. Within seconds, those shoppers decide to click for more information or pass on by. If their initial impression isn't favorable, they are not likely to return.

Prospective buyers also visit online listings to obtain additional information about homes they see for sale in specific areas. Homes with great curb appeal and only so-so interior pictures are not likely to generate requests for showings. Missed showings diminish the chances of a quick sale and a reasonable offer. Great photos serve as a catalyst for further action. Why would a seller settle for less?

Optimize Opportunities to Attract Buyers

If professional photographs aren't part of a listing agreement with a prospective real estate agent, consider finding another agent. High-quality photos offer advantages in hot real estate markets as well as during slow times. They are advantageous for FSBO listings as well. The cost is negligible when weighed against the potential for a fast sale. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a great first impression.

In order to maximize your chances of selling quickly and for top dollar, rely on the advice of professionals in the field: Set the right price and use all the marketing tools at your disposal.

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