Tips To Set Up the Perfect Home Office

Setting Up a Home Office? These Tips Can HelpA good home office can make working at home a pleasant, productive, and enjoyable experience. For owners of homes in Applewood Park, the way you set up your home office can have a big impact on how well you perform at your job. If you've never created a home office before, these tips can help you through the process.

1. Create a Calm Working Environment

Most people need a calm working environment free from distractions. There are many things a homeowner can do to make their working environment a calm, zen-like place.

  • Paint the walls in a cool, calm color, like gray-green, gray-blue, or simple gray.
  • Install a door that can be shut during office hours, if there is not already a door in place.
  • Landscape the part of the yard that can be seen out the office window to give anyone sitting at the desk a pleasant view during office hours.

2. Install Multiple Lighting Options

Most people need good lighting when they're at work at their desk. Small desk lamps make it easier to do work on their desktop, while overhead lighting makes it easier to talk to clients. Recessed and track lighting fixtures can be separately controlled, so different parts of the office can be lit at different times. This gives the person working in the office total control over the quantity and quality of light in the office.

3. Don't Forget the Client Waiting Area

People who meet with clients in their home office will need a comfortable waiting area for clients to sit. Whether this waiting area will be in a separate part of the house or in the office itself, it should consist of one or two comfortable chairs, a table for placing loose items, and good office lighting. The waiting area should be viewed as an extension of the home office, and thus should match the home office stylistically.

Making Big Changes? Work With a Reputable Contractor

If your home office remodel will require you to do anything like electrical or HVAC work, consider hiring a licensed contractor to get the job done. Whether you're installing new light fixtures in the room, or improving the climate control in the space, a good contractor will help ensure the work is done to code. If the work is not done properly, you could have a hard time selling your home when the time comes. For more information about how you can install a home office while also protecting the value of your home, talk to an experienced real estate professional in your area.

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