Stephen Avenue Walk - Calgary's Amazing Pedestrian Mall

There's an energy to be found along Stephen Avenue Walk that's hard to find anywhere else in Calgary. The street starts at City Hall on the eastern side of the city and heads west from there. It's a place where you'll find entertainment, street vendors, outdoor patios and retail stores; but more than that here is where you'll find raw energy.

This part of town is commonly referred to as a downtown park and acts as a meeting place offering something for both young and old alike. This is the beating pulse of the downtown Calgary core offering an atmosphere that's more cosmopolitan than anything else. It's a meeting spot where downtown workers can meet up for lunch or to enjoy a drink after work.

When tourists arrive in Calgary they are often directed to Stephen Avenue to not only experience the great shopping opportunities available but to see first-hand the energetic life and sparks that this city really has to offer.

There are approximately 140,000 people that work in the downtown core. Some companies have made it a point to settle in the area just so that their staff can be close to Stephen Street. There's a lot of activity and entertainment on this street that begins during the day and then continues into the evening.

In 1886 a fire wiped out this street that consisted of mostly wooden buildings. The city of Calgary used sandstone to rebuild and that is why you'll be simply overwhelmed with the golden beauty in front of you when you first step onto the street.

If you haven't been down to Stephen Avenue in a while it's worth checking out again. This is a beautiful part of Calgary that properly reflects the excitement and true spirit that lives in the city.

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