Take in a Top Free Event in Calgary

Many free events happen throughout the year in Calgary for adults, kids and the entire family. Some of these events are more popular than others. If you're moving to the area and looking for a great free event to help you become a part of your new community, the top three choices are:

Lilac Festival

Every year when spring rolls around, the Lilac Festival is held on 4th street. This is a free event perfect for moving from the winter months to the warmer spring and summer months. Full of fun, entertainment, vendors, food and more, the entire family can enjoy this festival every spring.

Sun and Salsa Festival

Coming in just a few days, the Sun and Salsa Festival is another great free event for everybody to enjoy. This festival features over 500 gallons of salsa and you get to judge all the different choices. You can get in free and spend $3 on a bag of chips to dip into the salsas. Live music, dancing and plenty of fun for the kids will also be a part of this annual event.

Used to be the Snowblower Festival

High Performance Rodeo used to put on another great free festival called the Snowblower festival every January. However, this event has been discontinued, but will be replaces with something better coming in January of 2014. With High Performance Rodeo working on a new all-ages winter event, it's sure to become one of the top free events. Make sure to check their website at, www.hprodeo.ca, for updates as they create this new event.

These three festivals, along with the many other free events in Calgary provide plenty of fun for everybody. Whether you're relocating and looking for a great way to meet new people or you just want to come out to one of the top events, there's plenty to choose from throughout the city.

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