Tethered is better: why wireless isn't so great

Wireless connectivity is convenient but hard-wiring your devices provides better quality.

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Tethered is better: why wireless isn't so great

Perhaps you’re one of countless Calgarians that have upgraded your router because you have so many wireless devices in your home.

Think of it.  Each family member, likely over the age of 13, has a phone reliant upon Wi-Fi to keep data costs down.  The kids have school laptops, you stream movies from your smart TV while someone is chasing online bad guys in a barely-approved of video game upstairs and yet another child is playing some new tunes on Spotify.  Not to mention the simultaneous Facebook chats or Snapchat convos.  That’s a crazy number of devices reliant on a wireless signal originating somewhere in your home.

Some industry experts think we don’t need to rely on wireless signals so heavily especially for fixed technology such as desktop computers and smart TVs.

There are certain devices like your phone that will never be wired to the wall, and certainly wireless is getting faster  - it’s much better than it used to be.  But plugging into the wall just can’t be beat.

Wiring in New Construction

That’s why new home builders in Calgary, such as Cardel Lifestyles, are still completely wiring single-family homes, townhomes and condos for cable and internet communication.

Plugged-in via Ethernet is frequently a superior option to wireless according to IT Strength, a small company that provides residential and small to medium-sized business tech support.

Hard-wired is best for customers who want 1080p HD or 4k ultra HD which is high speed internet with a consistent signal which is optimal for the delivery of whatever online content you need.  Wireless signals aren’t that fantastic.

If you work at home and transfer files from device to device in your home network, wired interfaces work better than wireless as well.

Another local outfit, Creative TSI, is a home network provider for Jayman Built and designs systems for new construction.  President John Lattion told the Calgary Real Estate News in a recent interview that a lot of people believe that Wi-Fi is good enough but really, it’s not that expensive to pull wire through the entire house.

Lattion said with up to 30 wireless devices in a home there’s too much signal saturation and many online applications do better when the device is hard-wired.

Entertainment systems that are hard-wired will be free of lagging and super long upload times.  The picture and video quality will be infinitely better.  There will also be reliable bandwidth when you use a hard-wired connection which is a critical piece now that we have 4k Ultra HD video.

If you’re going to pay for online services and paying for superior quality then it makes sense to use the best possible connection.

Before wireless was so huge, home builders in Calgary were aggressively wiring homes.  Some say they were over doing it but if you were to look at resale homes built in the last decade up to 2010 there are probably ports in almost every room.  Builders started to scale back but really over-wiring is probably smarter.

Especially when more people are using video home security and smart thermostats and wired appliances, reliable internet with good bandwidth is getting more important every day.

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