The Best of the Exercise World in Calgary

We all have our own unique way to stay in shape. Some work out their thumbs on the TV remote, while others enjoy a gym membership, yoga classes, boot camp fitness or one of the many other options. Calgary is home to many great places and classes to help you stay in great shape. Here are some of the top choices.

Talisman Centre

Known as the best place for a workout in the city, the Talisman Centre provides a variety of programs, services and membership options. You can use the five full-size gyms, two tracks, massive fitness centre, aquatic center and all of the state-of-the-art equipment to stay in shape.

One Cycle Spin Studio

If you prefer a spin class for your workout, One Cycle is one of the top choices in the city. This studio provides plenty of excellent equipment with regular classes throughout the week. Enjoy a 50-minute class with high energy music as you burn off those holiday calories.

Yoga Passage

For the Yoga fan, Yoga Passage is a great option. This unique sanctuary provides plenty of class choices for all different skill levels. Whether you're just starting or you've been at it for years, you can find a Yoga class fit for your needs here.

Hot Yoga on 17th

Another great Yoga choice is Hot Yoga on 17th. This studio provides a number of different classes including the Hot Yoga, which is done in a heated room.

Fit Body Boot Camp

An intense workout built to get you in shape, boot camp fitness has become very popular. Fit Body Boot Camp provides one of the best options in the city and a variety of classes to fit the needs of beginners to advanced students.

Eau Claire YMCA

Another great facility for a private workout or for those taking care of their fitness needs on their own, the Eau Claire YMCA provides a number of fitness options. You can use the facility for swimming, weight lifting and a number of other fitness options.

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