There's As Much Shopping As You Can Handle In Chinook Centre

When you want to go shopping Calgary there are plenty of malls to choose from but one of these rises above the rest in almost every survey that's conducted on shopping in the city - Chinook Mall. Firstly the Chinook Center is absolutely massive and spans almost 1,500,000 square feet and contains over 250 different stores - making it the largest enclosed mall in Alberta and also one of the largest malls in the entire country.

If you like eating during, after or while shopping then you'll find the enormous food court to be to your liking - there are over 900 seats and 20 different types of food to choose from, with the special touch of a dinosaur made from scrap farming equipment located there too. On top of having a huge number of stores the Chinook Center also has the largest cinema complex in the city with a total of 16 screens and it also shows IMAX features too. This means you can get a movie in, enjoy a days shopping, grab a meal and never have to leave the mall itself. The centre also has its own bowling alley, so if you want to stop and shoot a few frames you can do that too.

In terms of shopping you're not going to be disappointed either because with over 250 stores here, including several major retailers, it caters for just about every need you can think of. Oh and don't forget that during the first Saturday of the Calgary Stampede each year the Chinook Centre hosts one of the largest free pancake mornings in the entire world - this isn't something you want to miss.

It won't matter whether you want to while away a few hours or an entire day window shopping or you're actually visiting the Chinook Centre with a purpose in mind, you're going to find that you're kept entertained, engaged and occupied for the entire time you're there.

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