Things to do in Calgary with Kids

The Best Kid-Friendly Attractions in CalgaryFor families with young children, Calgary is akin to a playground. There's something for children of all ages, stages and interests. Whether a family is visiting with a young child who is passionate about history, or they are bringing a brood of children to have a fun day at the amusement park, there's a place to go that is perfect for them.

These places give families the opportunity to make lifelong memories together, and to enjoy quality time with one another in the city. These are the best things to do in Calgary with kids:

Calaway Park

Families who are searching for a traditional theme park will be delighted by Calaway Park. This Calgary theme park has everything anyone could want out of an amusement park. There's rides for kids of all ages, allowing those to seek their thrills or find a simple smile on an enjoyable ride. There's also games for those who want to try their luck and win a special prize. In addition, with each new season, the theme park launches new stage shows that are sure to delight parents and children alike. Seasonal passes are available, and are a valuable investment for those who live nearby.

The Calgary Zoo

While many of the places for family fun are seasonal in Calgary, the Calgary Zoo is open 364 days out of the year. This renowned zoo is filled with magnificent species that will capture the hearts and minds of children as well as their caregivers. Some of the most beloved animals at the zoo include the giant pandas, the Amur tigers and the gorillas. The penguins are particularly popular during the winter months, when they embark on a daily walk throughout the zoo. It's enrichment for the penguins and a unique experience for the guests who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Heritage Park

Families who appreciate the days gone by can be transported to another era for the day when they visit Heritage Park. This historical village provides visitors with an opportunity to explore historic homes and buildings, and to immerse themselves in the daily lives of the people who lived a century ago. Some of the unique activities that can be enjoyed at Heritage Park include making handmade ice cream, or riding on an authentic steam train from the middle of the 19th century. Seasonal passes are available at this park.

When families are faced with a free day to spend together, it may be hard to choose where to go in Calgary. It seems there are endless options to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to be fun for the whole family. For more information on the best things to see and do in Calgary, contact a qualified real estate agent today.

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