Three Trendy Home Flooring Options That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Three Innovative Home Flooring Ideas for Trendy Living SpacesFlooring is vital aspect of every home that is often forgotten about because it sits idly underfoot while supporting our every step. However, when it comes to investing in functional yet trendy floors taking the time to seriously consider the many home flooring options is a brilliant way to get optimal results. Homeowners looking for a few decorative flooring ideas to take traditional styles to a modern, contemporary level—read on.

Creative Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors gradually moved their way from being only visible within garages and sheds to becoming an increasingly trendy home flooring option. Though sometimes perceived as bland and unsightly,, concrete design has actually evolved concerning aesthetic possibilities. Today, concrete floors can be coated or stained with an array of colours, and patterns can even be stamped into them to create intricate patterns and focal points. Veneers can also be applied to create a simplistic, raw look that will complement most any decor. A few of the vast benefits of concrete flooring include:

  • Extreme durability with no need for resealing or polishing
  • Affordability due to minimal materials for installation
  • Environmentally friendliness
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Easy to cover with other flooring or re-stain to different hues

Remarkable Resin Flooring

Hygienic, resilient, affordable and stain-resistant resin flooring affords even homeowners on a budget a classy way to spruce up floors. Resin can be applied directly over concrete surfaces and other types of solid flooring, and they are available in an unlimited variety of hues and stains. There are three primary types of resin used for home flooring.

PMMA Resin—Polymethyl Methacrylate resins create resilient and low maintenance floors that are far easier to upgrade and repair than other options.

Polyurethane Resin—PU resin applications are resistant to abrasions, impact, heat and most chemicals making them ideal for indoor/outdoor cooking spaces, garages and home workshops.

Epoxy Resin—Likely the most commonly used amid the three for industrial purposes, epoxy resin can create show-stopping floors within the home. While it's durable and low-maintenance, it has a long curing time, and inhaling wet epoxy fumes is hazardous. Furthermore, if it is damaged, the entire floor typically requires replacement.

Bounce Back in Style with Rubber Flooring

Commonly seen in gyms, playrooms and sound studios, rubber flooring is now a trendy, eco-friendly flooring that can add comfort to most any room in the home. Durable, super easy to maintain, cost-effective, and easily replaced, rubber flooring comes in several patterns, designs and color options. It's also stain and water resistant, but does succumb to oil, so it's best left out of kitchens and garage areas. Rubber is an exceptional choice because it's a non-skid surface that is super soft under the feet, making it easier on joints and bones in case of falls. While any children in the household can often bounce back quickly, every 13 seconds a Canadian senior is hospitalized from a fall, making rubber an especially elderly friendly flooring option.

Get Local Assistance with Choosing the Best Flooring

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