Tips for First-Time Condo Buyers on the Hunt

There are many condos for sale in Calgary, and this is a very hot portion of the real estate market throughout the city. If you're looking for a low maintenance place to live or you're just not ready for a home, a condo may be the perfect place for you.

Not all condos are the same, however. You need to consider a few specifics before you make your final buying decision. Here are a few tips for first-time condo buyers in Calgary.

Do You Want a View?

If the view outside your window is important, you will want to keep this in mind as you shop. Some high-rise buildings provide beautiful views of the city, the water and parks. However, others don't provide the same type of view. You will pay a little more for a great view, but for some, this is worth every penny.


Of course, with any real estate transaction, location matters. If you own a vehicle, you may be willing to live outside of the city, but if you plan to use public transportation to get around, take this into consideration with the location of your condo. It's also necessary to consider the re-sale value of the location you choose.


Condos with assigned parking are ideal because you're guaranteed a parking place. It will save you monthly and will make it much easier if you get around with your own vehicle. You will also want to consider visitor parking.


The largest condominium you can afford is the most important. This will ensure it's easier to sell your condo when the time comes. Two or more bedrooms is ideal in any condo purchase.

Building and Neighbours

Checking out the building and the amenities will help you understand which area is best for you. It's also smart to understand the neighbours you will have in the building. This can make or break your decision.

If you're planning on purchasing a condominium, make sure you get the most out of your new home. Consider the tips above and you will find exactly what you need.

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