Tips to Create a Home That Is Family-Friendly

Gone are the days when a home would have a separate room for entertaining when guests arrived. Nowadays, parents are a lot busier and most don't have time to devote to the upkeep of a room that is kept pristine at all times. This doesn't mean, however, that a house that has young children in it has to go to rot. There are functional and beautiful home products available that are both durable and great to look at. Here are some ideas to help make your home family-friendly and beautiful at the same time.

Magnetic wallpaper

A lot of parents avoid putting up wallpaper because they know that it may fall prey to dirty handprints and writing on the walls. Magnetic wallpaper is a green product that is easy to put up. It has a magnetic coating that is made from natural minerals.

Durable fabrics

When you're choosing new furniture for the home, look for fabrics that have a tight weave to avoid snags. You may also want to invest in slipcovers that are easy to clean - especially when you have very young children running around the home.

Honeycomb shades

Look for these types of shades since they are a lot easier to clean than regular blinds and don't collect dust. You can purchase these blinds with a cordless remote that will open and close the window coverings even from a distance. Hanging cords and chains can be dangerous in any home with young children.

Furniture with rounded corners

Look for furniture pieces that have rounded corners. If your child does happen to fall, you won't have to worry about him getting seriously injured from a pointed corner. You may also want to look for end tables and coffee tables that have some type of padding at the edges. These are great for young families and when your children get older these padded pieces can be replaced with furniture that's more modern with sleek edges and fine lines.

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