Tips to Help Calm down Overexcited Children during the Holidays

It's that time of the year and many children will be excited during this holiday season. Sometimes the kids can get overexcited though and at these times can be very difficult to manage. Here are some tips to help calm down a child that has become overexcited so that he can get back on track to enjoy the rest of the holidays.


A child that has had too many sweets and is experiencing a sugar rush has a hard time keeping control of his body and his emotions. In most cases the sugar rush won't last too long and then you may see your child crash. In order to help his little body deal with the excess sugar you should get him to drink some water. This will help to flush out the sugar so that this body can get back into balance faster.

Lack of sleep

Children can have a difficult time getting to sleep during these exciting times. One of the best remedies to help with this is to offer them a glass of warm milk before bedtime. The calcium in the milk helps to calm down the nerves and a soothing bedtime story can also work wonders.

Fast-paced excitement

This is a hectic time of the year and many children have a hard time dealing with the fast-paced excitement. If you find that your child is getting overwhelmed with everything, you may want to take them for a nice leisurely walk outside to get some fresh air away from it all. Walk at a slow pace beside your child and have a relaxing conversation with him at the same time. Keep the conversation light and talk about things that are interesting to your child such as a hobby or a family pet. Avoid any discussions about the season since you are trying to get his mind off of the fast-paced environment that is bothering him.

A little bit of over excitement is okay but when it starts to become a problem it's time to deal with the situation. The best thing you can do is to exercise some understanding. After all, when we were young, we often became overwhelmed at this time in the year too!

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