Top 10 Local Cafés in Calgary

The Best Coffee Shops All Throughout CalgaryMumbled chatter of visitors, the clattering tinker of cups on saucers, and the droning hum of the espresso machine… you can almost smell the roasted beans from here! Cafés are truly a place where we can relax, unwind, and be productive. They are not simply a place where we grab a hot beverage and hit the road; it is a meeting spot, a first date tradition, and a locale to breathe deeply over a steaming cup of Joe!

Of the many cafés in Calgary, each has its own distinct culture and home comforts. Some offer a wide selection of baked goods and others embrace you in a greenery-filled environment. Are you looking for a place to kick back, an area to hold a meeting, or perhaps a cozy nook to go for a date? Take a look at these top 10 local cafés in Calgary and find the perfect café that will meet your coffee needs!

Oolong Tea House

Euphoria Café

Located in the northwest of Calgary lies the popular and unique coffee shop, Euphoria Café. This eclectic cafe works to support other businesses in Calgary by partnering with them and offering their goods at the café (including Rosso coffee). The café is described as a “community hub for friends and family to connect, students to study, do your business meetings, a place to relax and work, or even host your writing club, and more.” Aside from the coffee bar, entering through a nearby doorway will lead you to a wide and comfortable additional seating area where you can hunker down with the beverage of your choice!

DeVille Coffee

Known for their famous Nutella Latte, freshly brewed coffee, and house-made chocolate ganache, DeVille Coffee has taken the Calgary area by storm. Originating in their downtown location in 2008 and remembered for their coffee-serving food truck, the company has expanded to 6 more locations in the YYC area. Each of these modern, yet rustic styled locations offer a calming environment to sip on coffee and snack on their assortment of baked goods and homemade waffles. Visit the DeVille Coffee café nearest you and relish in everything DeVille has to offer!

Rosso Coffee Roasters

Consisting of several cafés located around Calgary, Rosso Coffee Roasters has made a lasting impact for the coffee culture within the city. These bustling locations have become some of the most popular cafes in Calgary, offering specially selected beans to ensure quality coffee production. Each café is elaborately designed to create an appealing and restful place to enjoy coffee and the company of others. Often detailed with plants and rustic décor additions, every Rosso location is one that you will not want to leave!

Higher Ground Café 

Of the restaurants and cafés in Calgary’s Kensington area, Higher Ground Coffee is one of the most popular. Complete with fire place and snug arm chairs, this café radiates comfort. The café is proud to serve a wide variety of drinks with special featured items throughout the year; but something always ready is their ‘fresh organic coffee.’ In addition to providing a snug retreat for coffee-lovers, Higher Ground Café is striving to run an ‘environmentally conscious business.’ Be sure to check out this local café in Calgary and enjoy the offerings of Kensington living!

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Analog Coffee

Featuring their signature coffee line, Analog Coffee is a café and coffee roaster business that is seeking to bring quality coffee to Calgarians. Since the first opening of Analog Coffee at the Calgary Farmer’s Market, there have now been several other locations open to the public. At each of the fantastic cafés you can try their various coffee blends, order an espresso-based drink, or test out one of the many other drink options that these cafés offer. Need Analog coffee with you at home? The cafés in Calgary and the online store now sell the coffee beans for you to brew in your own time!

Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar

When thinking of the best locations to retreat for small cafés with a quiet energy, the village of Inglewood is brought to mind. Filled with architecturally beautiful buildings, quaint shops and eateries, Inglewood is also home to the Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar! Ambiance is exactly what you can expect from this local café. This family-owned business is the best spot to come and have drinks with a friend and sip something sweet at the high-end coffee bar. As part of the Calgary Music Mile, you can also come down to listen to live music every night – each night offering something different!

Regal Cat Cafe

Regal Cat Café

Do you love cats as much as your neighbor that has 15 (or even ¼ as much)? Would you do anything to just cuddle a kitten while sipping on a tea? If this sounds like you, then of the many cafés in Calgary, the Regal Cat Café is where you need to be. Partnering with the MEOW Foundation, this café is where you can enjoy a beverage and spend time bonding with cats that are up for adoption. Here, you will also find locally roasted coffees, hand blended teas, and baked goods from local Calgary businesses. The Regal Cat Café is truly a place where dreams can come true for any cat and café lover!

Alforno Bakery & Cafe

Alforno Bakery and Café

With a slogan like “We’ve got what you knead to escape the grind” you can only expect good things from Alforno Bakery and Café! This local café is part of the Teatro Group’s chain and is a place you can retreat to for great drinks and tasty eats in the Eau Claire area. Peruse the delectable baked goods behind the glass, enjoy the sustainable coffee, or order food from the menu! Once you have everything you desire gaze out the high glass windows or find a spot in their upper level seating area. Due to the high popularity of this café, those planning longer stays should book a reservation via the website.

Oolong Tea House

If coffee is not your ‘cup of tea’ then why not head over to Oolong Tea House in Kensington for an actual cup of tea! Having recently undergone renovations and a change in business ownership, the new and improved Oolong Tea House is ideal for tasting hundreds of different teas originating from around the world. Be sure to set aside some time to examine the extensive tea library before settling upon a favourite and sitting down to sip all day long. Come and enjoy a cuppa, have something to eat, and gaze at the intricate mirrored ceiling!

Weeds Cafe

Weeds Café

Rustic, artistic, and local are the words that would perfectly describe this local café found in YYC. Weeds Café is an award-winning café that showcases local art while letting you relax in a homey environment – equipped with plants and a piano. Alongside the coffees, teas, and alcoholic beverages available, you can also select food from their vast menu that includes tasty items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Come by, catch up on some reading, play a board game, and unwind in the unique atmosphere that Weeds Café has created for Calgary locals!

Each of these cafés in Calgary is an opportunity for people to come together, bond over beans, take a moment to themselves, inhale the scents, or just rest! Find the perfect café to cater to your needs!

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