Top Neighbourhoods in Calgary for 2014

You've decided to want to move to Calgary. You want to find a nice job, find a comfortable how, and start a family. You don't just want to move to the first house you can find in Calgary. You want to move to one of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary. Which neighbourhoods are the best places for you to move this year?

Top Three Neighbourhoods in Calgary This Year

Arbour Lake: The Arbour Lake neighbourhood has held the title as the best place in Calgary to live for a number of different years. What draws people to this community is the beautiful 10-acre lake. The lake provides families with an opportunity to swim, ice skate, and canoe.

Beltline: The Beltline neighbourhood is one of the more popular places to live in Calgary because it is the fastest-growing neighbourhood in the area. Every time you turn around something new is being built or renovated for the residents of this neighbourhood to enjoy. The only reason you would not like this neighbourhood is if you are opposed to growth and change.

Brentwood: The recreational opportunities that are offered in this neighbourhood is the reason why Brentwood is a popular place to live. If you have young children or you are just someone who likes to be active, you are going to want a neighbourhood that offers lots of fun things to do outdoors and with your family. There are parks and recreational centres all over this neighbourhood for you and your family to enjoy.

If you would rather live in the inner-city area, Rosedale and Britannia are popular choices. Southwood and Lakeview are also great choices as they are considered to be the most established communities.

There are so many great places to live in Calgary, you might have a little trouble choosing!

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