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Calgary Shopping Options All Through the CityGet on a pair of comfortable walking shoes and grab your wallet, because it is time to hit the shops! The city of Calgary is filled with wonderful activities to do all year round, and being so close to the mountains, there is never a dull moment to be had. But for those looking to stay within the city limits and peruse the many offerings of malls, villages, and boutiques, there are hundreds of shops to satisfy the shopaholic in you.

Are you looking for the best Calgary shopping locations to fill your weekend? Do you need to venture forth and seek those unique items to complete your look? Whatever the occasion, there are numerous Calgary shopping choices ready for you to peruse, spree, and browse to your heart’s content. 

Calgary Shopping…

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How to Buy a Home For a Multi-Generational FamilyThe Calgary Herald recently featured a news item that serve an affirmation of housing trend in Calgary: multigenerational homes. Reporting about Harmony, Bordeaux Developments Corporation's new development with special focus on multi-generational community located in Springbank Hill, the news item said that multi-generational homes address the triple bottom-lines of economy, environment and social equity.

Birol Fisekci, president and CEO of Bordeaux Developments Corp. says this development “demonstrates leadership with a focus on one fundamental principle -respect. Respect should be at the root of any topic we deal with," he says. "If it is Harmony we are discussing, then it is respecting the environment, being fiscally responsible so we are not…

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How to Prepare For an Open HouseYour real estate agent has called and told you that he'd like to have an open house next weekend. In order to get prepared for this event stay calm, focused and relaxed about it. There are only a few things that you need to do to make your home look great and ready for people to stream through it.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere in the Home

Staging a house is never complete without those elements that make prospective buyers feel welcomed. Your goal here is to add atmospheric touches that make the home more appealing, while also providing a few "goodies."

Scent is a subtle yet effective marketing tool. Invest in candles or essential oil diffusers throughout the home. Match the fragrance to the season if you like—pumpkin spice in autumn, fir…

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The Best Affordable Home ImprovementsRenovating your home will increase its value and make it a nicer place for you to live. But many people don't have the money to spend on expensive housing upgrades. Here's what you need to know about making affordable improvements for your home, as well as a few budget-friendly projects to add beauty, value and selling appeal to your home.

The Effect Affordable Improvements Have On Home Value

If you're trying to add value to your home, several projects tend to add more value than others. For example, upgrading kitchens with new appliances and fixtures will pay off, especially if you're updating a particularly old space. Bathrooms are another source of home value when updating accessories and features. Tidying up outdoor areas tends to pay…

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