Trends in Condo Living in Calgary

Condominiums are among the most popular real estate choices in Calgary. Buyers have the option to own a downtown high-rise or a condo on a lakeside property. Calgary condos are all about value and lifestyle:  some condos let you enjoy Eau Claire Park, while those in Victoria Park or Connaught make you part of the trendy 17th Avenue. A more serene option is a condo in McKenzie town or newer areas like Auburn Bay.  

The trend these days is about style and décor. So, what is considered trendy in 2011?


It is all about clutter-free living spaces, which is what condo living should be about.  Because of limitations in space and storage, condo owners stick to what is essential.  Minimalism as a movement has an almost Zen-like quality to it. If you don’t need it, sell it, give it to charity or dispose of it. If you don’t have space for it, don’t buy it.

Thematic Decor

It is all about creating unity and cohesiveness.  When decorating a condo, choose a theme and stick with it. Condos and condo townhouses are generally small, so it is important to stick to a colour scheme so that the mind flows freely.   The theme of the paint should flow with the furniture and the wall decors as well as the accessories.

Dramatic Wood Finishes

Deep, dark paint colours might be very dramatic and elegant, but when applied to a condo, they don’t fit well because of space and light limitations. Take note that condo units have limited access to sunlight. Thus, colours should respond well to indoor lighting and soft colours. The use of dramatic wood finishes on floors and cupboards provides the necessary elegance and drama without constricting the space.

Streamlined Storage

Storage is one of the most challenging aspects of condo living. Calgary condos are fitted with closet spaces, but you can maximize them by building shelves and installing closet organizers. Make every square foot count–even under the bed! The trend now is to guy those thin and recycled plastic storage boxes which slide easily into small spaces and use them to store anything – seasonal clothes, souvenirs and confidential documents. You can also invest in drawers for your small items.

Green Living

Another important trend is to create a condo living space that adheres to the principles of green living. This includes choices in your sofa (not to use animal products like leather) to use living decorative or ornamental plants to add life to your space.

Energy Conservation

Finally, an important trend is in the area of energy conservation. This means using the right lights and lighting fixtures so that you save energy. It also means practicing energy-conservation measures such as in the use of thermostats. There are tips available online to make energy conservation part of your condo lifestyle.

Fortunately for real property buyers,  Calgary condos offer such a wide array of lifestyle options that it's easy for all kinds of homebuyers to find the perfect fit, especially with what is the most important trend of all time—property value!

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