Understanding the Different Types of Real Estate Investing

The timing is right to start thinking about investing in Calgary real estate. Now, more than ever, the demand is high for all types of commercial properties across the city. If you have money to invest, real estate can earn you a passive living for years on end. Here are the different types of real estate investments available and a brief description of each.

Commercial real estate

This consists of mainly office buildings that are owned by the landlord with separate units, or the entire building, being rented out to one or more companies.

Residential real estate

These are properties used for residential living such as apartment buildings, single-family homes, vacation houses, townhouses etc. where you earn an income by renting out the property to a family or an individual. There will either be a leasing or a rental agreement put into place.

Industrial real estate

With this type of real estate investment you'll earn money by renting out the facility for a special purpose to generate sales. A car wash or a building renting out storage lockers would be two examples of this type of real estate investment.

Retail real estate

Think of strip and shopping malls and individual retail stores that are leased out to retail businesses.

Real estate for mixed-use

This type of real estate can be a mixed bag of any of the investments listed above. For example, you may purchase a strip mall that also has apartment units on top of the stores. This would be a combination of retail and residential real estate.

This is basically as simple as it gets. Some investors concentrate on one of these areas only while others diversify their portfolio with a selection of different real estate investments. All of the opportunities listed above can provide a long-lasting passive income for an investor and many have been able to make a lucrative career out of it.

Perhaps it's time for you to check out your options when it comes to investing in real estate here in Calgary. The timing is perfect and with a new year approaching it will certainly start off your year with a bang!

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