Value Adding Home Improvements for your Calgary Home

If you’re thinking of selling your Calgary home, you can enhance the value of your home with certain types of home improvements. Some improvement may be necessary to make your house attractive enough for buyers to make them smile in appreciation. The best way to approach any renovation is to think from the perspective of the buyer, and not from the viewpoint of your own personal tastes. 

 The second most important thing to remember is to be practical and keep your home improvements in sync with the style of your house and neighbourhood. Some renovations will allow you to re-coup all or more of your investment while others are less profitable

 Top 8 Value Adding Home Improvements

1. Interior/Exterior Painting – Yup, nothing spruces up your home more than a fresh coat of paint. Both the exterior and the interior of the house need to appear pristine. Be conservative when choosing colours though. Talk to a pro and do your research on the most current colours in vogue. 

2. The Kitchen – This is one of the most important areas of your home. If your kitchen cabinets have been there for 20 or more years, they’re out of style. Be careful and plan carefully as kitchen renovation is a pricey project.

3. Add a Second Bathroom – If you only have a single bathroom, then your home may appeal only to couples without children. Even there, they may be planning on starting a family and have second thoughts about a one bathroom home.

4. Upgrade your Bathroom – Bathrooms generally rank second to kitchens as the most important rooms in your home. Replace and upgrade your bathroom with new faucets, tub, shower and add a more modern vanity. 

5. Finishing – If that basement or garage is bare, then it’s time to build some walls and add some drywall. Most city dwellers are busy people and don’t want to bother with having to deal with unwanted projects. Finishing these areas can add a lot of extra appeal and increase the living space.

6. Add New Doors and Windows – In today’s society, people are both energy and security conscious. Replacing aging windows and weathered doors can also make your home look more appealing and energy efficient. 

7. Decks – If you don’t have a deck, then it’s time to consider adding one. Busy people like their chill time and Calgarians love their BBQ’s. There are many sizes and styles of decks that can suit any size and home model.

9. Add Another Room – Adding an extra bedroom, bathroom, or garage not only increases the living space but adds extra square footage to a home which automatically increases its value.

Two Things Not to Do

The first is never waste a bunch of  money by adding a swimming pool. Not only are pools expensive, but in some instances, they can actually decrease the value of your home. The second home improvement that does not add value to your home is excessive landscaping. Attractive landscaping may help you sell the house but you’re going to be mostly out of pocket for all your time and expense. 

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