What are the Best Plants for a Calgary Garden?

If you're considering starting a garden or adding a few plants to your current garden, it's a good idea to know which plants are best for the climate in your area. Calgary is great for specific types of plants, but not for others. Here are some of the top choices for your Calgary garden.


Very similar to a daisy, the Fleabane is easy to grow and very dependable. It's an annual, which works very well with many types of soil and even in rock gardens.

Jack Frost

This is one of the plants the Calgary Horticulture Society actually recommends. It's a plant that will bloom early in the season with blue flowers and provides heart-shaped leaves.

Coral Bells

If you're looking for a low maintenance perennial, the Coral Bells are a great choice. They bloom in the mid-summer months and provides many different shades of pink. It's recommended by many for the Calgary area and these flowers will attract hummingbirds.

Goat's Beard

Another plant chosen by the Calgary Horticulture Society, Goat's Beard is a great choice for a shady garden or any other type of garden. They will bloom in June and July with tiny white flowers.


This very beautiful flower is a tube-shaped bloom that grows best in sunny gardens. It comes in many colours and provides a beautiful choice for any garden.

Red Pasque Flower

Known as the official flower of Calgary, the Red Pasque Flower is a good choice for those in the city. It's red in color and provides a yellow centre for plenty of colour in your garden.

These plants are great for any Calgary garden. Whether you want to add a little colour or you just want to grow something you know will last in your garden.

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