What Cold Weather items are Essential During a Calgary Winter?

Important Cold Weather Clothing to Survive Winter in CalgaryWinter in Calgary can be brutal! People who aren't prepared may spend much of the year uncomfortable. People who don't dress properly for the weather could even be in danger. The best way to protect yourself is by being prepared. Owning the right clothes, coming prepared every day and keeping the right emergency items on hand can help you stay safe when temperatures outside get very cold indeed. 

Staying warm in Calgary is part of living in this wonderful city. This requires specific items and some are simply essential. Here are some of the items you should consider adding to your collection so you can bundle up and stay warm this winter.

Types of Clothing to Wear in Cold Weather

Toque, Scarf and Gloves

A hat, scarf and gloves are the first line of defense in fall, winter and early spring. The best items will be focused more on warmth and less on fashion. Thermal materials and knitted materials are common. When picking a hat, look for products that have flannel liners for extra warmth and protection. 

Gloves should be water resistant or water proof. Like with hats, flannel and thermal liners help keep people safe when the temperature outside drops. People who want to stay extra warm can use mittens instead of gloves. Isolating the fingers into separate compartments can make the fingers colder. Fingers stay warmer when they're packed together in one space.

Easy-to-Layer Clothing

Dressing in layers is critical in winter. People who dress in layers find it easier to stay adequately warm outside while not roasting inside. Inside layers should consist of clothing that is close to the skin, not too puffy or restrictive. Outer layers can be insulated and thicker. 

On especially cold days, it's helpful to wear under layers of thermal underwear. Thermal underwear is especially useful for people who want to stay safe when working outdoors. 

Warm, Waterproof Boots

It's not enough to wear boots outside, they have to be the right pair of boots. Typically, the right pair consists of boots that are fuzzy and warm inside, with a waterproof outer shell. The waterproof shell prevents feet from getting wet. Wet feet can be dangerous when temperatures outside drop, so look for a label that declares water resistance when making a boot purchase. Try on boots before making the purchase; a good fit is critical for comfort and proper blood circulation. 

Emergency Essentials to Keep On Hand

Emergency Kit in Car

Car accidents are common in winter. Icy roads and slushy snow can make driving difficult, even for the most experienced drivers. This is why it's important to keep an emergency kit in the car. A good emergency kit will help the driver and occupants of the car stay warm in the event that they become trapped in snow. 

Pre-made emergency kits are available for sale in stores. Look for a kit that includes thermal blankets, a flash light and protein bars. Drivers who want to ensure they're safe can keep their emergency kit in the glove compartment instead of the trunk. This helps ensure that the emergency kit is available in the event that the trunk cannot be accessed. 

Cell Phone for Emergencies

Although they can't keep anyone warm, cell phones play a critical role in an emergency. Keeping a cell phone on hand ensures that a person who is in distress can get help when it's needed. People who carry a cell phone for emergencies should always make sure their cell phone is charged and functional. Cell phones tend to lose battery power over time.  

Specific Brands to Find Great Warm Clothes

Custom Woolen Mills Prairie Wool Socks

Wool is a great material to keep you warm. Woollen socks are great for fighting the cold days and they will keep your feet warm. You can find some of the best woollen socks at Custom Woolen Mills, which is found near Carstairs, Alberata. They offer three different types, all for $12 per pair.

Camp Brand Goods Watchman Toque

Camp Brand Goods is based in Calgary and one of the biggest success stories. The Watchman Toque is $25 and one of the best choices for a fashionable and functional toque for the winter. You can find it at The Livery Shop, which is located at 1130 10 Avenue SE.

Power in Motion Heated Gloves

Gloves are essential, but some gloves just won't cut it. The Power in Motion Heated Gloves are a great choice. They stay warm no matter what you are doing. Ken Cheung invented them for winter bicyclists, but they have become popular with so many other people. You can get them at the Power in Motion store in the Eau Claire Market.

Winter Woolies Artisan Wool Cowl Sweater

The Winter Woolies shop is a Calgary-based Etsy shop. They provide some of the coziest scarfs perfects for keeping you warm. The high-quality wool blends come in many different colours and they have an adjustable leather cuff. They run about $65 and can be found online at, etsy.com/shop/winterwooliesshop.

If you want to stay warm during the harsh Calgary winter, these items are essential. Pick them up online or at a local store in Calgary.

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