What's Unique at the Chinook Centre?

The Chinook Centre is your destination for shopping. It’s the place just about everything you could imagine making birthday and holiday gift shopping a breeze. The shopping centre features over 250 stores making it perfect for all ages to enjoy.

You’ll find a ton of great, unique gifts at Chinook Centre like the Tory Burch Crossbody found only in retail stores or the Mini Compact 3D Printer only found at Microsoft stores. Here is a look at Microsoft, Tory Burch and other great stores in the Chinook Center offering unique, hard-to-get items.

Nepresso Boutique at the Bay

Nepresso Boutique at the Bay is a favourite because people love their coffee. There is really no time of year that people aren’t craving a cup of joe, so Nepresso is the perfect place to stop in Chinook Centre. They features dozens of machines of all kinds that can help you make a great coffee variety each time you visit. They also sell fabulous Nepresso blends that are unique to the brand.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch Crossbody bags are only sold at retail stores and Chinook is home to the only Tory Burch store in Calgary.  It’s especially important in fashion to stand out in the crowd and wear something unique so the Tory Burch store is the perfect place to do this.

Discovery Hut

The Calgary-based company, Discovery Hut, is a children’s paradise. They sell toys and goodies to spark imagination and creativity. Check out the Calico Critters, the big hit this past Christmas of soft and fuzzy cuteness.


Microsoft is also at Chinook and the only store in Calgary. It hasn’t been open long but it’s already packed with fans of the brand. Stock up no phones, Xboxes, tablets and the new MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer, an affordable 3d printer only available in stores.

Also be sure to check out Nordstrom and the Lego store available at Chinook Centre in Calgary.

The Technology

Although Microsoft is not a unique brand by any means, there is only one Microsoft store in Calgary. For the one who has to have the latest in gadgets, save waiting time and shipping cost by purchasing the gift here in the store.

The Fashion

Selections from Nordstrom and Tory Burch are both going to please the fashion conscious on your gift list. Nordstrom will provide what the chain store has, so while it is not unique in gifts, there is only one in Canada, and it is still brand new. Tory Burch has more unique fashion, so your fashionista family member or friend will be sure to stand out in the crowd with your gift.

The Toys and Hobbies

Check out Calgary’s only Lego store to purchase the latest building set for your child or maybe even an adult friend. Around Christmas time, their Winter Village Collection is only sold in the store. Discovery Hut is a local Calgary store that provides only unique gifts for shoppers. Their items are great as souvenirs or gifts for out of towners.

While there are some chains popping up in Calgary, the gifts will provide a unique “get it before your friend did” feel for locals. For those traveling to Calgary or if someone is sending a gift to an out of towner, the local stores will give someone a piece of Calgary that they will not have had otherwise. You are guaranteed to be the best gift giver after shopping at one of these places.

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