When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

This is a loaded question and is definitely one of the most commonly asked questions of all time when it comes to real estate. The answer is really a simple one. There could be a buyer looking for your home during any season of the year so the best time to sell is really any time.

There are certain advantages, however, of selling your home at different times of the year. For example, if you have children, selling your home during the summer months when they are at home enjoying the summer holidays can be more difficult. It's harder to keep a home ready for viewing when the kids are running through it day and night. The great thing about showing your home in the summertime is you can show off your garden if you happen to have a green thumb and can discuss summer-related amenities such as living close to a swimming pool, tennis court or even a lake.

In the winter

There are usually less people looking for a home in the winter but you'll find that viewers are often more likely to be serious buyers. The most motivated sellers and buyers are usually actively searching the market in the winter, which may work to your advantage.

Selling in the winter does come with some disadvantages since it's hard to keep up with the salt, snow and mud that will be getting tracked through your home. You also won't be able to show off your lovely landscaping at this time of year. Your beautiful leafy tree in the front yard will be sitting empty and barren during the cold months. The best way to handle this is to provide some pictures to your real estate agent of the house and how it appears in the summertime.

No matter what time of year it is, it's always a perfect time to sell a home as long as it is priced right. There are disadvantages and advantageous to selling at any time of the year. Knowing how to handle these pros and cons and making them work for you is going to lead to a faster and easier sale.

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