Where Are the Best Calgary Fitness Centres & Gyms?

Calgary Fitness Centres & Gyms

Can you feel it? That reignited flame of motivation? It is this renewed spirit that inspires us to get to the gym to tone, lose weight, get fit, and burn off all of those Christmas goodies we ate. But as New Year's resolutions often go, the excitement begins to fade after a few weeks of focused determination. Want to stick true to your resolutions and accomplish your goals without losing focus? Take a look at the various Calgary Fitness centres and gyms that will help you stick with your New Year's resolutions and accomplish greatness!

Orange Theory Fitness

Calgary Fitness Locations: Orange Theory

If you are seeking a gym that focuses on the science behind a good workout, then you will want to check out Orange Theory Fitness! Every one-hour class is different, but each class focuses on improving the entire body. You will begin at one of the three stations: cardio (treadmill, bike, or strider), rowing (rowing machine), or strength training (bands or free weights). The trainer will then guide you through a great workout by explaining what to do, monitoring your heart rate, and ensuring you are reach the "sweet spot" for ultimate burn. Each time you visit to Orange Theory Fitness, you can expect something new (adjusted for every level), with trainers who are there to motivate you!

Locations for this Calgary fitness solution can be found at:

  • Creekside Shopping Centre NW
  • Royal Oak Centre NW
  • 10th Street NW
  • 85th Street SW
  • 33rd Avenue SW
  • 5132 Elbow Drive SW
  • Shawnessy Village Shopping Centre SE


Calgary Fitness Locations: 9Round Fitness Centre

Not a fan of lifting weights or running on the treadmill? Then why not change up your fitness routine and add a little "punch" to your workout? 9Round is a kickboxing fitness gym that uses 30-minute workouts to help you get stronger and get in shape! The workouts are styled in a circuit format, so as you move from station to station you target different parts of your body, all with the assistance and guidance of a trainer. Every workout includes aspects of weight training, cardio, and kickboxing moves that are good for every fitness level. Heart rate monitoring technology is available, trainers are ready to jump in to help, and don't worry about getting there on time — there are no set class times, so visit whenever you are ready to sweat!

Locations for this Calgary fitness solution can be found at:

  • Sage Hill Passage NW
  • Shaganappi Village Shopping Centre NW
  • Royal Vista Way NW
  • 32nd Avenue SE
  • 130th Avenue SE
  • Walden Boulevard SE
  • Woodview Drive SW
  • Aspen Glen Landing SW
  • Willow Park Village SW
  • Marda Loop (18th Street) SW

Anytime Fitness

Calgary Fitness Locations: Anytime Fitness

Of the various gyms within the city, Anytime Fitness is one name that stands out. As stated on the website, "You don't have to do it alone." Anytime Fitness believes that the gym shouldn't be a place of fear or frustration, and instead, should be a place where you have direction and assistance to help you through your journey. These Anytime Calgary fitness locations include access to gym equipment, classes, focused workouts, training, and other services that are included with the purchase of a membership (some exclusions may apply). Plus, get a personalized "Get Started Plan" when you register. Not sure when you have time to hit the gym or work shift work? Access the Anytime Fitness facilities and services at "ANY-time" of day — the gym is open 24/7!

Locations for this Calgary fitness solution can be found at:

  • Creekside Shopping Centre NW
  • Ranchlands Boulevard NW
  • Brentwood Village Shopping Centre NW
  • 3650 Westwinds Drive NE
  • 722 85th Street SW
  • 718 8th Avenue SW
  • 1222 1st Street SW
  • 9620 Elbow Drive SW

YMCA Calgary

Calgary Fitness Locations: YMCA Calgary

You can find drop-in classes, fitness programs, memberships, child care, personal training, and so much more at your local YMCA! Having been in business since 1902, YMCA Calgary is one of the top Calgary fitness centres where you can accomplish your health and wellness goals. Each facility comes with a variety of amenities, many including pools, hot tubs, saunas, weight centres, climbing walls, gym/court access, squash and racquetball court bookings, and more! Whatever you are hoping to achieve, and whatever way you hope to achieve it, the YMCA has an abundance of fitness solutions and opportunities for you!

Locations for this Calgary fitness solution can be found at:

  • Falconridge Boulevard NE
  • 8100 John Laurie Boulevard NW
  • 11300 Rocky Ridge Road NW
  • 108 Quarry Park Road SE
  • 400-333 Shawville Boulevard SE
  • 101 3rd Street SW
  • 4448 Front Street SE
  • 4995 Market Street SE

GoodLife Fitness

Calgary Fitness Locations: GoodLife Fitness

"A healthier, happier life is one step away." And when it comes to GoodLife fitness, it is so true! With the assistance and facilities at GoodLife Fitness, you have the chance to take hold of your health and appearance. GoodLife facilities offer engaging personal training that will help you accomplish your goals faster, as well as fitness classes, nutrition sessions, boot camps, and team training (TRX and PEAK Training United). With the purchase of a gym membership, you have access to over 255 locations across Canada (perfect for those travelling!) and 14 locations in the immediate Calgary area. All locations are open 24/7 so that you can fit in a workout whenever it works best for your schedule!

Locations for this Calgary fitness solution can be found at:

  • 100 Country Village Road NE
  • 11420 Sarcee Trail NW
  • 7020 4 Street NW
  • 901 64 Avenue NE
  • 5111 Northland Drive NW
  • 3633 Westwinds Drive NE
  • 2929 Sunridge Way NE
  • 200 Barclay Parade SW
  • 140 8 Avenue SW
  • 880 16 Avenue SW
  • 50-3915 51 Street SW
  • 13226 Macleod Trail SE
  • 12686 48 Street SE
  • 18 McKenzie Towne Drive SE

The Yoga Studio

For those who prefer a less cardio-intensive fitness plan with a stronger focus on toning, yoga is one of the greatest options! Wondering where to go to get a good stretch, meditation, and more? At The Yoga Studio! The Yoga Studio is one of the larger yoga companies in Calgary. With two locations, any level of yogi can attend classes (both drop-in and registered classes available) that are specific for a variety of goals and lifestyles. Some of the classes available include 50+, plus-size, pre/postnatal, men, advanced, meditation, and other class types! Find a yoga class that works for you, and with the help of the teachers, "grow and explore your potential."

Locations for this Calgary fitness solution can be found at:

  • 1829 Ranchlands Boulevard NW
  • 2515 90 Avenue SW

GYMVMT (Previously Spa Lady and World Health)

Calgary Fitness Locations: GYMVMT Calgary

Previously known as Spa Lady and World Health, the recently rebranded gyms are now known as GYMVMT. The changes came into effect early December, and existing and new locations have been updated to create a better, more improved gym experience for Calgarians. For those women who enjoyed the Spa Lady locations focused on the female, there are four of these rebranded facilities still available for women-only (HER GYMVMT). The remaining GYMVMT facilities are coed locations with "women only" areas inside. These newly (re)introduced fitness centres are available across the city, each with a full array of fitness equipment and staff to help you achieve your goals. Some of these locations include access to steam rooms, infrared saunas, personal training, tennis and squash areas, HIIT studios, yoga studios, pools, nutrition coaching, child care, group training sessions (such as TRU Ride, PWR x LAB, and Group Fitness Classes), and much more!

Locations for this Calgary fitness solution can be found at:

  • 1002 – 37 Street SW (HER MVMT)
  • 600, 12024 Sarcee Trail NW (HER MVMT)
  • 158 – 13226 Macleod Trail SE (HER MVMT)
  • A160, 1440 – 52 Street NE (HER MVMT)
  • 217 7 Ave SW (HER MVMT)
  • 1677, 1632 – 14 Ave NW (Coed MVMT)
  • 4344 Macleod Trail SW (Coed MVMT)
  • 252, 414 3 Street SW (Coed MVMT)
  • 7222 Edgemont Blvd NW (Coed MVMT)
  • A160, 1440 – 52 Street NE (Coed MVMT)
  • 21, 240 Midpark Way SE (Coed MVMT)

*Note: If you were a previous member of Spa Lady or World Health, your membership will still work! Is your membership about to expire? Speak to the gym front desk to inquire about any changes that the rebranding may have on your gym experience!

Ready to get the health and wellness you WANT and DESERVE? Find the Calgary fitness centre or gym that will keep you motivated for 2020 and get moving with workouts that will help you succeed with all of your fitness goals! You got this! If you're looking for something online or to maybe start you on your path to meditating, check out Zane Baker's Meditation website. Lots of good information! 

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