Where are the Top Places in Kensington to Shop?

With some serious transformation happening in the Kensington area, it has quickly become a top choice for local shopping. There are plenty of handmade goods found throughout the area, along with retail spaces. Here are some of the top choices for shopping within the area.

Cushy Life - 1139 Kensington Road NW

If you're looking for great furniture, decor, art or anything for your home, this is the place for you. Cushy Life is a great place to shop for home design ideas and items.

Kismet Clothing - 118 10 Street NW

Plenty of womenswear and accessories are found at the Kismet Clothing shop. This store brings the best trends to Calgary and provide plenty of great options for women.

Brooklyn Clothing Company - 1211 Kensington Road NW

You can choose a great outfit from the Brooklyn Clothing Company with ease. There are plenty of fashionable items here including brands, such as Nudie Jeans, Filson and Wings & Horns.

A Little More Interesting - 1121 Kensington Road NW

A tasteful boutique with plenty of great choices in the adult variety, this is the place for educational items, lingerie and more. It's only for adults, however.

Peacock Boutique - 1145 Kensington Cres. NW

Another boutique with plenty to offer, this one is a consignment shop. They carry the most up-to-date trends for accessories and casual wear.

There are a number of other great shops found throughout the Kensington area. If you haven't shopped in this part of Calgary yet, head out and rediscover the great local offerings.

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