Where will you Find the Top History Museums throughout Calgary?

History museums are a great way to explore the history of an area. Some are more specific to an era or an event, but all of them preserve a portion of the past. A day at a history museum can be loads of fun for the whole family, no matter what everyones intrest are. Here are some history museums in the Calgary area.

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre

A unique blend of options can be found at the Chinese Culture Centre. This centre not only offers a museum, you will also find a gallery, gift shop, gym, auditorium, restaurant and lots more. The centre hall is an outstanding 70 foot high dome.

It is highly decorated with colors and designs that stick to the Chinese culture. The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is the inspiration for the dome. There are four gold-leaf colums that stand for the four seasons. Inside of the museum you will find exhibits that contain porcelain, ceramics, textiles, furniture and recreations of tomb treasures.

Military Museums

The Military Museums has six different gallaries that led guest through the history of Canada’s military, including North West Mounted Police, the Boer War and the World Wars. You will get an inside look at what war was like with the use of visual and sound effects.

There is also a variety of artifacts on display from the battles, as well as medals and scaled models. There are also tanks and carriers on the museum's premises outside. Don’t leave without visiting the bookstore, gift shop and cafeteria.

Heritage Park Historical Village

You will find the Heritage Park Historical Village beside the Glenmore Reservior. This park is spread over 66 acres,and presents a display of what Calgary was like before 1914. The village is set up to enrich visitors with an inside look at the areas past. You can also experience past transportation methods such as the steam engine, horse-drawn wagon, sternwheeler and streetcar.

Other museums include:

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