Which Calgary Walks Are Considered the Best?

Calgary is often not seen as having leisure strolls but in fact there are a number of walks that you can take advantage of and the city still offers a lot to see and do. There are a number of walks that you can explore and they are all brought together in one place and are now in a book which means if you are new to the area you can read about them and learn more about what each one offers. Here are some of the top walks in Calgary that are considered to be the best.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

This is a great getaway and offers a breath-taking view. You get a view of the sky and more and with a remote location, paved paths are still accessible allowing you to take peaceful strolls in the early morning hours and there are also paths that are great to bring the kids along for. If you want something more remote there are shale paths that are a little more hidden which allow you to explore even more.

Nose Hill Park

This northern walk allows you to get to the big plateau and allows you to enjoy views everywhere and going hiking is possible. There are 200 plant types that you can see along the way and with a spectacular summer view, it’s things you won’t see from the road that make this stroll and path one to be sure to check out. There are coolies that are loaded with aspen offering shade which is beneficial in the summer. You can enjoy coyotes, deer and more wildlife along the way.

Bridgeland, Bow River, and Nose Creek

There are a number of older neighbourhoods and there are tree canopy’s. The summer offers a green view and you can pack a picnic basket and go to the park or grab your coffee and ice cream and sit in the green grass. You want watch the world go by as you relax and enjoy the warm summer sun while watching the world go by.

Downtown Art Walk

For the art enthusiast an art walk is exciting to see. There are far over 60 pieces in the downtown area and it can make it interesting and varied for a day out and about. There are no specific routes and there are several options. If you want to see the murals there are RiverWalks and a Greenway you can check out and you can even sit and look at the murals while sitting on the picnic benches.

Calgary offers several walks to see and take part in which can turn an ordinary afternoon or morning into a new routine that you can take advantage of.

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