Which Kitchen Renovations Will Increase Your Home's Value the Most?

Kitchen Renovation Information for Home Buyers Seeking High ROIHome renovations, particularly kitchen renovations, can increase a home's value dramatically. The highest ROI kitchen renovations are the ones that are relatively affordable but that make a big impact on home buyers. If you're a homeowner who is thinking about selling your home sometime in the next year, these kitchen changes can increase the value of your home.

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls makes the kitchen look new, fresh and fabulous. In recent years, white has been a very popular colour in kitchens. White brightens the space while making it look larger and cleaner. If white is not a desirable colour for the homeowner, then the best bet is to paint the walls in neutral colours, as these tend to be the most universally appreciated by home buyers.

Update Fixtures

Fixtures like the sink faucet and light fixtures tend to be very affordable, so updating fixtures is a good way to update the look of the kitchen without spending a lot of money. When choosing new fixtures, like range hoods or faucets, it's important to match them to the other colours found in the kitchen.

Refurbish Old Cabinets

Cabinet replacement can be very expensive, but refurbishing cabinets has the same effect and is much more affordable. Hire a contractor who has experience refurbishing old cabinets, and look at pictures of their previous work before selecting the contractor that's right for the job.

When refurbishing old cabinets, the homeowner must choose whether to paint the cabinets or stain and seal them. Cabinet painting has become very popular in recent years, but both are acceptable if the colours are well-chosen.

In small kitchens, the best colours tend to be light and bright. In larger kitchens, darker colours give the kitchen a stately beauty. Homeowners who aren't sure which is right for them should look at paint or stain samples before making their final decision.

Replace Old Appliances

Old appliances tend to be very inefficient, and that makes them unattractive to home buyers. Replacing old appliances with brand-new energy efficient appliances raises the value of the home while also making the kitchen look much newer.

Experienced real estate professionals will often advise homeowners not to splurge on gourmet appliances unless they want these appliances for themselves. High-end appliances cost much more money than standard appliances, and many home buyers will not pay extra for a kitchen that has more expensive appliances than a standard kitchen. The best way to boost ROI is to keep the cost of the appliances reasonable.

Work with a Qualified Contractor

A qualified contractor should know how to renovate a kitchen while making all changes according to local building codes. It's very important to buyers that all renovations conform to these codes, so it's important to seek out the right professional to do this job.

When hiring a contractor, homeowners should check credentials and references. It's also important to sign a contract before getting started with the home improvement renovation. The contract will lay out the expectations for the renovation and will also protect the homeowner if things go wrong.

Contact a Real Estate Agent

For more information about how you can improve your West Springs home's value before selling your home, contact a real estate professional. Your real estate agent can give you advice that can help you increase the potential sale price of your home. By working with the professionals, you can have a good experience selling your home in the coming months.

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