Which Museums Should you Visit in Calgary?

Museums have so much to offer. You can really learn a lot about the area that you are in, as well as the world around you. There are numerous museums offered in Calgary, but each one is unique. You will find a variety of displays which include art, sports memorabilia and artefacts.

Here are some of the museums in Calgary to check out.

Aero Space Museum

If you love aviation, this is the place for you. The Aero Space Museum provides plenty of aviation memorabilia including restored planes, photoos, uniforms and much more. Some of the planes are in pretty rough shape and awaiting reconditioning, but others have already been preserved.

Nickle Arts Museum

With plenty of contemporary and historical works of art, this is one of the most unique musuems in Calgary. Enjoy mor than 16,000 pieces throughout the collection with many from Europe and Canada.

Grain Academy

Very important to the Alberta area, grain is a source of food and a large part of the farming industry here. There is a large amount of grain produced in the area, which is used throughout Canada. The Grain Academy gives you the big picture of the process grain goes through.

Displays include video demonstrations, hands-on display of a grain elevator, a variety of agricultural artefacts, informative booths and an exhibit dedicated to the process of transporting grain between Alberta and the Vancouver coast.

Military Museums

There a total of six galleries in the Military Museum. You will get an understanding of the Canadian Military. Learn about the North West Mounted Police, Boer War, as well as World War I and II. Displays will give you sound and visual stimulation of what battle was really like. Scale model battles and metals are on display.

Other museums include:

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