Which Places Near Calgary Make History Come Alive?

Western Canada has a very unique culture and history. It’s something you can't take in all at one time. You have to take your time and choose which adventure will work best for you. Below you will find 4 places in Calgary where history comes alive. All 4 will open your eyes to the amazing history Calgary has to offer.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is home to where the dinosaurs roamed over 100 years ago. You will be able to stand on the very grounds where traces of what took place many years ago, still remain. The eroded barren landscapes consist of dinosaur bone beds and fossils that are brought to life by the crew at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. To learn more visit them online at http://www.tyrrellmuseum.com.

Heritage Park Historical Village

If you want to truly experience how the west used to be, go hang out at the Heritage Park Historical Village. Here you will be able to dance with the First Nations and sip on a little apple cider. If you don't want to get your boots dirty, this is not the adventure for you. To learn more visit them online at http://www.heritagepark.ca.

Waterton National Park

The Wateron National Park is unlike any other place you have ever visited. It’s so unique it will mesmerize you. The scene has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. When you get there it will feel like you are stepping into a land that existed before time. To learn more visit them online at http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/ab/waterton/index.aspx.

Head Smashed - World Heritage Site

At head smashed you will experience what it feels like when thousands of buffalo are charging at the same time. The vibrations in the ground will feel like something out of a movie. You will also be able to stand on the sandstone cliff and get a first-hand look at what provided the First Nations Tribes a livelihood for over 6000 years. If you want to learn more visit them online at http://history.alberta.ca/headsmashedin.

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