Why Fertilizing Your Lawn Is so Important

We all hear about the rules and advice given for fertilizing your lawn but do you really know why it is so important? Besides giving grass that green, lush look that you desperately want to see in a lawn, fertilization does much more. A lawn that is well-maintained also contributes to your local environment.

When you keep your lawn in good shape it helps to cool the atmosphere while reducing erosion. A healthy lawn serves as a system for water filtration and can better deal with any extreme weather conditions such as drought, heat and large amounts of rain.

A healthy lawn can actually keep the air around a home cooler by up to 8°C than the air around a property that is surrounded by hard surfaces. Your lawn can also remove and trap air pollutants and it produces a lot of oxygen.

When you apply fertilizer it nourishes the lawn and allows the grass to develop deep roots. You'll see a lot less runoff when your lawn turf has these deep roots. The best time to start with fertilization for the growing season is in the spring. Then, the next feeding session for your lawn will come in the late fall when you are preparing your yard for the upcoming winter season.

If you're planning on adding the fertilization to your lawn yourself, you should do it soon. It will only take a few hours of your time and will give you the chance to get reconnected with your yard after a long winter.

Fertilizing your lawn will help the grass develop deeper roots, which translates into greener shoots. Your lawn is not only aesthetically appealing but serves an important purpose in your neighbourhood environment. If all of your neighbours keep their lawns healthy too, you'll feel it in the air!

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