Why Should You Visit Heritage Park This Summer?

WOW! That is the one word that best describes Heritage Park. It is 127 acres of pure awesomeness. It is the oldest living history museum in all of Canada. And if that isn't reason enough to make you want to go visit this summer, allow me to give you a few more reasons.

It Has Close To 200 Exhibits

There is no possible way you can get bored when there is just so much to see. Half of the exhibits you will see here were relocated to the park. About a quarter are originals that have been restored and the other quarter are analogues. That means they were built in the park to mimic something that once was.

Butter Tarts

Yes you read that right. You won't find better butter tarts than the ones you find at the Alberta Bakery in Heritage Park. Many believe they are the best tarts EVER made. And while this might be true, the only way you will know is if you go visit and give them a try.

The New Train Themed Playground

This is great if you plan on taking the little ones with you. If they start to get a little restless you can take them to the playground so they can run around and have a good time.

The Park Is Haunted

Okay...This of course is not for everyone. However, if you are into this sort of thing you will love the Prince House and the Canmore Opera. Both are said to be haunted and you can get the real story if you visit during the Halloween season.

You Can Shop

Heritage Park has several shops right outside the gates in the area known as town square. Once you go in the park you will have access to seven more. You can shop for toys, candy, home furnishings and much more.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should visit Heritage Park this summer. There’s far more to experience here, but these are the main reasons everybody should take a trip to the park.

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